The benefits of inversion therapy for low back pain are discussed in this video. It states that for centuries, this therapy is been overlooked by physicians.

Instead many other therapies have been used such as medications, electrical stimulation, injections.

this video essays that one of the most frequently overlooked causes of low back pain is spinal compression. According to this video, spinal compression can be treated with inversion therapy.

From the moment we are born, gravity puts pressure on our spine causing compression over many years. This compression affects the spine more than any other part of the body. The muscles, ligaments, and this are placed under constant stress throughout one’s life.

The disc between each of the vertebra are composed of a tough outer fibrous annulus and a soft gelatinous inner portion called the nucleus pulposus. the nucleus pulposus acts as a shock absorber between the vertebra. During the day, when were standing or sitting upright, gravity forces fluid out of the nucleus pulposus and into surrounding tissues. When we rested night, some but not all of the fluid is restored. During the course of a regular day, simply due to the effects of gravity, we can lose up to three quarters of an inch in height. Over the years due to gravity and the generation, some of this height loss remains permanent.

This pressure not only causes loss in high but also reduces the space available for the nerves that exit the neural foramina at each spinal level. This can cause pressure on the nerves. Additionally, with the constant pressure, the disk become thinned out and dried out over the years. This process is called desiccation. It is frequently seen on MRIs of the spine. Also related with the chronic pressure on the spine are bulging and herniated discs. These herniated or bulging discs can also cause pressure on the spinal cord, nerve roots, or spinal nerves.

Inversion therapy can help reduce the pressure on the discs enough to reduce the pressure on the nerve roots and nerves in many cases.  inversion therapy is a method of treatment that reduces the pressure of gravity on the disk and the vertebra. an inversion table is usually used. This method of inversion therapy allows a person to lie on their back and comfortably undergo inversion therapy to help reverse the effects of gravity. inversion therapy is one of the safest, quickest, and most effective methods of reducing the pressure of gravity on the discs, muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae.  several studies have shown that inversion therapy does actually increase the space between the vertebra and discs. This effect helps relieve pressure on the nerves, vertebra and discs. Other benefits of inversion therapy that had been claimed our site maintenance, improving circulation, stress relief, heightened mental alertness, improved flexibility, improve posture, and ease of realigning the spine after workouts.

if you suffer with chronic back pain, considering version therapy as a possible treatment. Before starting inversion therapy, ask your doctor if this may be a suitable option for you. Also, when choosing an inversion table, make sure you choose a quality piece of equipment that has a reliable track record and reputation for quality and excellent customer service.